Chemical Treatment Zones

Chemical Treatment Zones are highly effective and are a low toxicity option.

This creates a perimeter that the termite continues to forage through the soil and unknowingly encounters the product. Then being social insects that live in large colonies feeding together and grooming each other the product is then spread throughout the colony and this in turn can eliminate the termites from your property.

How it works

We use chemical application method via drilling around the perimeter and injected it under the slab and around soil at the footing of the building to create a Chemical Treatment Zone.

If a termite infestation is found an initial treatment is required before the treatment zone is installed – this may include termside dust or foam applied to termite workings.

We outline a Termite Management Treatment Proposal to best suit the application required, we use a variety of products including Termidor, Termidor HE and Fipforce HP Products.

Warranty: up to 8 years

Alternative to Chemical Treatment

Termite Baiting Systems are an effective way of eliminating the termite colonies and is a non- toxic and environmentally safe treatment option.