Termite Baiting and Monitoring Systems

Termite Baiting Systems are an effective way of eliminating the termite colonies and is a non- toxic and environmentally safe treatment option.

How it Works...

Stations are placed in soil or core drilled into concrete up to three meters apart around perimeter of building or area to be protected depending on which system is installed, either highly palatable timbers or an active on application bait is installed and then inspected every 1 – 3 months depending on activity.

If active termites are found inside the property either an above ground baiting station or a termiticide foam application will be applied to eliminate the active feeding site.

When bait is applied, the workers will begin to feed the colony until the entire colony is eliminated.

We outline a Termite Management Treatment Proposal to best suit the application required, we use a variety of products including Trelona ATBS and Exterra Products.

Alternative to Baiting System

Chemical Treatment Zones are highly effective and are a low toxicity option, which creates a perimeter that the termite continues to forage through the soil and unknowingly encounter with the product.