Stored Product Pests

“Did you know? There are over 60,000 species of weevils worldwide!”

Small beetles and moths that infest and contaminate stored grains and food products with live or dead insects cast skin, droppings an unsightly accumulation of webbing typically from the weevil species

Where the storage conditions favor the development of this costly pest, the populations can grow rapidly and infestations can take hold in warehouses, stores, and homes from remaining uncleaned food material on equipment, cracks, and crevices in storage facilities, sacking and other types of containers of product storage.

Ensuring your regular maintenance cleaning programmes of pantries and commercial food products areas have a rotation plan and all items are stored in sealed containers.

Unlike the stored-food product pest, the case making clothes moth enjoy natural and wool fibres in carpet, fabric materials, fur coats and other clothing, they dwell in undisturbed dark areas including cupboards, under furniture and in carpet edging.

These destructive pests need an integrated pest management solutions requiring multiple treatment methods contact our team today.