“Did you know that for every one acre of land – there are one million spiders (and it is closer to three million in the tropics!). It is estimated that a human is never more than ten feet away from a spider—ever.”

From a spider’s viewpoint the Greater Brisbane region is an ideal place to live in and around your home or business.

Most spiders, spring is the peak season for finding a mate and hunting the abundance of newly emerged spring prey, bringing them into your property.

The most common webbing and ground dwelling nuisance spiders are the Orb weaving spider, daddy long legs spider, Huntsman spider and wolf spider to name a few, some may inflict a non-toxic painful bite to its unexpected victim.

Venomous spider activity is one of the greatest hazards of the Australian warmer months

When threatened the spiders in their last defence, will inflict a painful and toxic bite, requiring medical treatment. These spiders include the redback spider who nest and hide in their messy webs in roof voids, shed, children’s toys, outdoor furniture and play equipment not just in your home, but in your business including childcare centres, school playgrounds and outdoor venues and even the great outback toilet. The black house spider also can be commonly found in around windows and under gutters in close proximity to human contact, the venomous ground dwelling white tailed, and mouse spider mostly found within the garden areas, however sometimes the aggressive and highly venomous funnel web spider is found in residential and commercial properties.

Ensuring vegetation and debris is clear from around the dwelling and lighting that minimises insect activity should be installed, windows screens and door strips under doorways will prevent spiders entering and taking up residence in your premises.

Effective solutions and treatment methods for spider control is something we can apply to every situation, we are licenced for high risk and sensitive sites treatment application as per the Queensland health regulations, please contact our team to tailor a treatment and warranty plan today.