“A single rat can leave 25,000 droppings a year, and female rats can reproduce every 3 weeks…. this is disgusting, but true.”

The undesirable presence of rats and mice in domestic, commercial, and industrial buildings cause unexpected expenses relating to food spoilage, contamination, physical damages, and the transmission of diseases to humans.

Moving In, rodent activity can quickly become a huge problem, due to their prolific breeding pattern, reproducing and growing an excessive population that can increase from two rodents to up to 1250 in one year, while constantly gnawing using their super strong teeth, causing serious damages to doors, skirting boards, upholstery, air conditioning ducting and parts of buildings, equipment or machinery with a high risk of fire damage by chewing wiring  causing the breakdown of telephone systems and short-circuiting power, which may result in equipment damage, or worse a huge costly expense.

They not only constantly gnaw but contaminate stored foods, utensils, and food preparation areas with their droppings, urine, hairs and spreading a range of viruses and diseases.

Rats and mice transmit various illnesses to humans

Illnesses including salmonella food poisoning, mild meningitis (virus carried by mice), infectious jaundice (bacteria), tapeworm and have contributed to the spread of the bubonic plague and typhus fever and by directly biting humans and infecting them with rat-bite fever without a doubt rats and mice are a pest you can live without.

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