“The Brushtail Possum is one of largest possums in the world and will change in colour depending on where they live.”

Possums are protected species and must not be killed

Removal and trapping, in cages is a specific licence requirement in Queensland and Checkmate Pest Control is registered with the Department of Environment and Science to conduct the removal and relocation within a 25-meter radius of your property as per the license guidelines.

Possums naturally live in the cavities of trees around your home or business

They shelter there during the day and then exploring and feed at night. Possums enter roof voids mainly through broken tiles, damaged eaves, and displaced ridge capping. When in the roof they make noises at night, urinate, and defecate on ceiling plaster, causing stains and odour, often confused with rodent infestations.

The most common intruder in buildings is the Common ringtail and brushtail possums. Removal and proofing of entry and exit points are necessary to ensure that they remain out of your roof and wall cavities. Call our team, we can help you evict your furry and sometimes aggressive unwanted guest.