Mosquitoes and Midges

“Mosquitoes love smelly feet, they use smell… not sight to find their next tasty victim and therefore are attracted to our breathe, sweat and other odors, which gives them the green light for dinner time.”

Threats to humans, livestock and animal comfort and health from mosquitoes pose a significant risk

Mosquitoes bites are annoying and can cause a mild to severe skin reaction, and possibly the spread of dangerous biological transmission of diseases.

Millions of human lives are lost each year from the adult female mosquitoes feeding habits – ingesting diseased infected blood then injecting into the next host. Malaria, dengue fever and ross river fever virus and latest outbreak of the Japanese encephalitis virus and the contribute to the spread of round worm organisms to their victim is some of the most common problems from mosquitoes.

Ensuring your family, pets and livestock are safe by removing the breeding grounds of stagnate water, keeping foliage minimalized around buildings and your vaccinations for overseas travel are up to date.

Midges are also another annoying biting pest, attracted to damp swampy areas of your yard, unlike mosquitoes, midges are not known to transmit human diseases.

Checkmate Pest Control have control treatment plans to help reduces these nuisance pests from around your home and business, call our friendly team today.