“Flying in and taste testing with their feet – which can be anything from animal feaces to your favorite meal flies never critique, this is due to their taste receptors located on their lower legs and feet.”

One of the most widespread public health diseases carrying pests

This status of flies is due to the extent of their flying habits being mobile and freely able to interchange between decaying excrements, human foods, and utensils not only their annoying presents, but they also harbor a huge variety diseases causing organisms include Salmonella food-poisoning, dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, hepatitis, tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, and various parasitic worms just to name a few.

Domestic and Commercial premises are a prime target for fly species

House flies feasting on your meals as well as the vinegar/fruit fly being attracted to the fermenting food and beverages and the moth fly making a home in your waste drains and bathrooms.

High cleaning standards and regular waste removal is essential to control fly infestations, our expert team offer a variety of products and treatment options including fly attracting traps, bating and mycobacterial drain treatments we can tailor packages  and warranties to suit your needs.