Fleas and Ticks

“Did you know that when fleas jump, they accelerate 50 times faster than a space shuttle and are subject to a force of about 100G.”

Fleas have a significantly high nuisance pest status.

In indoors and outdoors domestic residences, around family pets and commercial offices and factories, they have achieved this largely from their ‘biting’ and irritation feeding habits, which may cause a mild or severe allergic skin itchy reaction in your family, staff and pets and also their ability to transmit bacterial diseases including endemic typhus – transmitted whilst feeding by the infected flea, it produces black faeces particles that resemble dirt these are scratched into the open bite wounds and causing infection and who cannot forget the historical bubonic plague (the ‘Black Death’) infecting rats and spreading it to humans and other animals, it claimed millions of human lives.

Fleas also can play some role in the transmission of dog and rodent tapeworm and occasional transmission of these worm parasites to your children, and for your four-legged friends, causing flea dermatitis and a constant itchy irritation for them, is usually the first signs of a flea infestation.

Ticks are another commonly found pests like fleas they both are parasites that feed on your blood including your pets and livestock, they can cause a lot of discomfort and serious diseases causing long term health effects. With a variety of ticks found in Queensland including the Paralysis Tick, which have a distinct seasonality – reaching full maturity during the warmer spring and early summer months and making you extremely sick and sometimes life threating causing respiratory failure and potentially paralyzing and killing your livestock and family pets, if not detected soon enough.

 Ensuring your property lawn and gardens areas are well maintained while keeping your animal’s flea and tick preventive treatments up to date will ensure your family, pets and livestock are protected.

We can offer treatment plans and warranties that keep your family, staff, and pets free from fleas and ticks call the team today