Bees and Wasps

“Did you know that Wasps and Bees live on every continent, except Antarctica”

Paper Nest Wasps and European Honeybees

The vicious and relentless paper wasps, create paper like nest around property and when disturbed stinging the victim repeatedly, this dangerous insect can be treated by a variety of methods. They can cause anaphylactic reactions in some people, from a painful sting, inflicting a venom from their abdomen area, they nest in roof and wall cavities, in garden vegetation, tree stumps in and around home and business areas.

Bee treatment or removal is completed to ensure the best outcome for both our clients and the bee species

We also consult with local beekeepers to ensure the best removal procedures and process are in place. Checkmate Pest Control can advise on a treatment or movement plan according to current limited regulations for the Varrioa Mite outbreak currently limited to NSW/VIC areas but remains an elevated risk to all European Honeybees.