Bed Bugs

“Bed bugs can ingest seven times their own body weight in blood, that’s equivalent to an average adult male holding 454 litres of liquid in his stomach at once”.

Bedbugs are creatures that lurk in the night feasting on its victims

Bedbugs inject their saliva with anticoagulant properties for some people, the bite is painless with no allergic reaction. However, many people react with local swelling at the site of the bites, followed by mild to severe itching and irritation.

In infested premises, the first indication of activity is blood spotting on bedding and furniture on inspection eggs and live bugs hiding in cracks and crevices, behind skirting and architraves, among books, behind wallpaper, especially in grooves and alongside piping in the mattress, and in other harborages can be seen normally in close proximity to where the victim lies.

Bedbugs spread worldwide by being carried by humans in furniture, clothing and even hitching a ride in your luggage from your holiday accommodation even in the cleanest of premises

Bedbugs can find suitable areas to commence an unexpected infestation of your home or business. The seriousness of a bed bug infestation of an establishment can be costly not only in terms of punitive damages and rental income of offending and adjoining rooms for some days for thorough treatment and follow-up inspections, but the loss of a good reputation.

Checkmate Pest Control follow the AEPMA code of practice using a variety of treatment methods to eliminate bedbugs from your home or commercial property call us today get you back to business.