“Ants have superhuman strength, they can lift up to 10 and 50 times their own body weight! If a year two student were as strong as an ant, they would be able to pick up a car!”

Ants are often regarded as ‘nuisance’ pests

Species include the black house ant, white footed house ant and coastal brown ant. Congregating in and around buildings with unsightly ant trails or small dirt mounds resulting from their excavations along garden paths, on balconies, and around skirting boards and architrave bases. As well as the general ‘nuisance’ aspects, ants may present a health risk, ants commonly scavenge in kitchens in and around stored food products and other food- handling areas, as well as in garbage cans, dog excrement and other possible transfer sources of disease organisms, their potential for transmitting diseases to humans should not be overlooked, they also can inhabit electrical appliances which sometimes results in a costly replacement.

For the garden lovers ants may attack and damage or consume seeds and seedlings and some species including funnel ants, construct disturbing dirt mounds on your precious lawn, the most aggressive species of the ants is the Red imported fire ant, yellow crazy ant, green head ant (and bull ant) they inflict painful stings and bites to humans and pets and can cause allergic reactions and in extreme cases an anaphylactic reaction.

Effective control of ants relies on a knowledge of ant species and treatment methods at the highest industry standard, our experienced team can tailor a treatment plan and warranty package to bring your ant problem under control.